Maintenance Staff

Maintenance Staff

Our in-house maintenance department handles all service calls and with the help of our subcontractors and staff, we can handle any problem quickly.   The maintenance supervisors use state of the art software that helps them proficiently track all work orders and maintenance scheduling, and allows our property managers to receive real-time alerts for each incoming service request. Additional features include:

  • Ability to customize work orders 
  • Enforce work order approval rules 
  • Track maintenance bills online

We have two field supervisors that handle on site issues and coordinate work crews.  The maintenance crews are fully staffed with bonded and insured workers that include:

  • HVAC Specialists 
  • Master Electricians 
  • Master Plumbers 
  • Floor and Roof Experts
  • Expert Carpenters
  • Skilled Painters and Dry Wall Professionals 
  • Complete Lawn Crews

Each property is evaluated by the maintenance department to determine what is needed to get the property rent ready. During this process, we will stay in contact with you and communicate the costs and progress.


Due to the number of homes and high volume of work, we can offer discounted rates that no one else can.  We stock our 5,000 square foot warehouse with all of the materials needed (bought at whole sale pricing) which allows us quick turnaround to complete work and lower costs.