single family rental communities

Managing Single Family Rental Communities: Leah Fox-Greenberg

We are proud to introduce our Director of Single Family Homes at Reedy and Company Realtors, Leah Fox-Greenberg. She has…

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home features

12 In-Demand Home Features That’ll Delight Your Tenants

Tennessee’s rental vacancy rate is currently 6.7%, higher than the national average.¬†Competition is fierce among rental communities and landlords, but…

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rent collection agency

12 Signs You Need to Hire a Rent Collection Agency

Struggling with tenants who miss their rent month after month? You’re not alone. The grind of chasing down rent payments…

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1 bedroom home for rent

13 Tips for Finding the Right 1 Bedroom Home for Rent in Memphis

Sick of hitting dead ends in your search for a 1 bedroom home for rent? It’s time to switch up…

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real estate investor software

A Guide to the Best Real Estate Investor Software

Looking to conquer the realm of real estate investment? From streamlining property management to performing in-depth financial analysis, the right…

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homes for families

Homes for Families: What Single-Family Home Renters Need to Understand

By the year 2030, experts predict that nearly 40% of families might choose rentals over owning a home. The rising…

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tenant screening checklist

Tenant Screening Checklist: A Helpful Tool for Landlords

Every year, landlords in the U.S. file more than 3.6 million evictions. A single eviction can wind up costing a…

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2 bedroom houses for rent

2 Bedroom Houses for Rent: Does Size Matter? (A Guide for Renters)

Are you in the market for a new place to live and wondering whether or not getting a 2-bedroom house…

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how to be a good landlord

This Is How to Be a Good Landlord in Memphis, TN

Becoming a landlord is a great way to make some passive income if you can afford the initial investment. Not…

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how to become a digital landlord

The Ultimate Guide on How to Become a Digital Landlord

More and more jobs and tasks are going digital. If you own properties and are the acting landlord for each…

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