what can a landlord look at during an inspection

What Can a Landlord Look at During an Inspection?

Wondering what exactly a landlord can check during an inspection of a rental home? Let’s break it down simply. Landlords often conduct…

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short term rental tax loophole

Short Term Rental Tax Loophole: How to Report Your Rent for Taxes

Taxes can feel like a sudden storm, unpredictable and jarring, especially when you’re caught unprepared. In the realm of renting,…

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house hunting checklist

This House Hunting Checklist Will Make Your Search a Breeze

Did you know that Memphis is the number one market where first-time home buyers and investors battle for the same…

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can a property manager evict a tenant

Can a Property Manager Evict a Tenant?

You’re a property manager with a tenant who you think should be evicted. So you’re wondering, “Can a property manager…

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can a landlord not renew a lease

Can a Landlord Not Renew a Lease?

As a homeowner or landlord, you might hit a point where you want to start things over when it comes…

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4 bedroom houses for rent

Plenty of Space: The Search for 4 Bedroom Houses for Rent

Your teens are arguing in their shared bedroom. And you’re running late for work again while waiting patiently for everyone…

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free rental analysis

Unlocking the Benefits of a Free Rental Analysis for Property Owners

Imagine if you could predict the exact worth of your property in the rental market, ensuring not just competitive pricing…

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lease management

Property vs Lease Management in Memphis, TN: What’s the Difference?

You’ve been managing your Memphis property successfully for this long, but there is no shame in asking for help. As…

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how to make your home a vacation rental

Curb Appeal: How To Make Your Home a Vacation Rental in Memphis

Do you have a home that’s sitting empty or a room that’s vacant after your children have left? It’s time…

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residential services

7 Residential Services That Boost Tenant Retention at Memphis Properties

In the lively city of Memphis, consistently high occupancy rates are crucial for rental property success. Retaining good tenants is…

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