tenant placement services

The Value of Tenant Placement Services for Renter and Landlord

Imagine your favorite puzzle being completed in a perfect picture where each piece seamlessly falls into place. That’s a bit…

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lease renewal

7 Key Things Tenants Should Consider Before Lease Renewal

Despite not many people doing it, one in four people who negotiate their lease renewal finds success. Negotiating your lease…

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for rent houses by owner

Debunking Myths About for Rent Houses by Owner

There are nearly 20 million rental homes in the country, housing over 46 million Americans. Becoming a landlord can be…

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houses for rent privately owned

5 Marketing Tips on Houses for Rent That Are Privately Owned

If you’re renting out your house, marketing it to the right tenant can be a challenge. According to recent data,…

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renting out a house for the first time

A Beginner’s Guide to Renting Out a House for the First Time

Real estate has long been a favorite option for investors. And that shows no signs of waning. As housing supply…

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manage rental property

How to Manage Rental Property Like a Seasoned Professional

Memphis has a resilient rental market, offering affordable property prices, growing tourism, and low unemployment. It’s also a vibrant, bustling…

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rehab property

Giving Rehab Property a Makeover: A Real Estate Investor’s Guide

Rehabbing a house can seem like a daunting task. The work that is required may not seem worth it at…

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single family rental communities

Managing Single Family Rental Communities: Leah Fox-Greenberg

We are proud to introduce our Director of Single Family Homes at Reedy and Company Realtors, Leah Fox-Greenberg. She has…

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rent collection agency

12 Signs You Need to Hire a Rent Collection Agency

Struggling with tenants who miss their rent month after month? You’re not alone. The grind of chasing down rent payments…

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1 bedroom home for rent

13 Tips for Finding the Right 1 Bedroom Home for Rent in Memphis

Sick of hitting dead ends in your search for a 1 bedroom home for rent? It’s time to switch up…

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