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7 Apartment Amenities to Look Out For During Your Search

apartment amenities

Are you looking for the perfect apartment home for you and your pup? You’re in good company.

Research shows that around 36% of America’s more than 122 million households were headed by renters in 2019.

Before you jump into apartment life, though, it is important to know what to look out for during your apartment hunt.

Here’s a rundown of seven apartment amenities to keep an eye out for.

Let’s dig in!

1. Top Apartment Amenities Include Appliances

One of the most important amenities to look out for during your apartment search is appliances.

Some appliances are must-have amenities, including a stove and oven. Without a stove, you may find yourself eating out each night, which will quickly add up. For this reason, a stove should be high on your priority list.

Note that gas stoves are ideal for individuals who enjoy cooking and therefore prepare meals often. Meanwhile, an electric stove may be sufficient for you if you don’t spend much time cooking.

You may also want to look for apartments with dishwashers if you value the convenience they provide. However, a dishwasher isn’t a necessity if you’re the type to wash dishes right away each night.

Laundry Machines

When it comes to laundry, some apartment buildings come with washing machines and dryers inside the units. This is convenient if you prefer not to leave your home to wash and dry your clothes.

Meanwhile, other apartment complexes come with common laundry areas. This will allow you to get to meet other tenants more easily. The long-term benefit of this is that it will enhance your building’s security and safety, as well as make your apartment community more welcoming.

Some apartment buildings don’t offer laundry equipment, in which case you would have to use the local laundromat. This may be worth the hassle if you’re looking to save money on rent and utilities each month.

After all, some landlords factor in on-site laundering capabilities into their rental prices. In addition, in-unit machines can quickly drive up your electricity costs, especially if you wash clothes frequently.

Thoroughly investigate the laundry situation at each apartment complex you’re considering. Then, choose the setup that will work best for your lifestyle.

2. Security

Another important amenity to look out for when looking to rent an apartment is security.

You should ideally secure renter’s insurance for your apartment. This will help to protect you from theft. However, choosing an apartment with video surveillance can further give you peace of mind.

Other security amenities worth looking for include gated access and smart locks. You may also want to choose an apartment complex that offers security patrols by third parties, as well as key fob apartment entry. All of this can help to ensure that you and your assets remain safe.

3. Maintenance

Another amenity to look for when apartment hunting is a quality maintenance system.

Great apartment communities offer regular maintenance for dealing with necessary repairs as well as emergency issues. Ideally, your chosen apartment community will have hired contractors or maintenance staff members who will maintain the building’s common areas.

For instance, look for an apartment that effectively maintains their courtyards and pools. This will help to ensure that the building’s driveways, walkways, and green spaces remain well kept all year long.

4. Clubhouse

Yet another amenity worth looking for in your new apartment is a clubhouse.

This feature is present in many larger complexes. A clubhouse can serve as an entertaining and gathering space for you and your fellow residents during a resident get-together. You may also be able to rent out the space for a private event or party.

5. Communal Area

Communal areas are also some of the best amenities at apartment complexes. These areas can be wonderful places for meeting other residents from across your apartment complex.

Examples of these areas include main-floor lounges and rooftop patios. Outdoor courtyards featuring public grills can also be great places for communing.

At larger complexes, you might find communal areas such as dog parks and walking trails. In addition, some complexes provide athletic facilities, like tennis courts and basketball courts.

6. Swimming Pool

Like swimming? A swimming pool remains one of today’s most desirable amenities at apartment buildings.

Note that some apartments come with outdoor pools and hot tubs. Meanwhile, others offer indoor pools, which offer the benefit of providing swimming opportunities year-round.

If being able to swim at your apartment building is important to you, be sure to add this to your wish list when seeking the perfect apartment.

7. Pet-Friendliness

Finally, if your pup will be joining you at your apartment, be sure to choose an apartment that is pet friendly.

Not every landlord or property management company allows pets. In addition, apartment complexes that do take pets usually charge fees. These fees are designed to cover any damage that your pet may cause.

Also, note that your chosen apartment complex might have restrictions regarding the number of pets you have. Likewise, they might enforce breed, size, and type restrictions.

Meanwhile, other apartments offer special pet amenities, like grooming stations. You might even find dog parks or receptacles for poo bags at some apartment complexes.

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The top apartment amenities to look for include appliances and security features. You may also want to look for apartments with swimming pools and pet-friendly policies.

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