Employees of the Month: November 2018

Beverli McCornell

Beverli McCornell came to Reedy and Company without any leasing experience a few years ago. Leasing isn’t easy – it’s a balance between the needs of a tenant and the realities of qualifications, the availability of a home, and many details to manage. That said, Beverli has a renewed spark for her work and 2018 has been a year of growth and self-confidence in her abilities to get the job done! Beverli offers leadership amongst her teammates and is a “go-to” for the little things that make the department tick. She is consistently at the top of the charts, has been named Leasing Consultant of the Month numerous times this year and we are so ecstatic to see where she is headed in 2019! Our tenants, clients, vendors, and teammates alike adore Bev!

Mike Jones

Mike Jones is a 6-year veteran of Reedy and Company and holds one of the most important roles in the maintenance department. Mike is responsible to visit homes before a move-in happens to ensure that everything is suitable for a tenant; the look good, smell good type of thing but he is so much more than our “punch out guy” though. He is notoriously known to be incredibly shy and incredibly kind, he is consistently everywhere we need for him to be, and with a smile. He will work tirelessly to ensure that a tenant’s experience is the best it can be and will always lend a hand to his teammates, rain or shine and on any day of the year! We couldn’t do it without you, Mike!

Congratulations and sincere thanks to Mike Jones and Beverli McCornell!