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Memphis Apartments for Rent: How Many Bedrooms Do You Need?

memphis apartments for rent

36% of all US households are renters in the US. While every renter has different needs, each must decide both what they can afford and what they need in a place to live.

Often in rental homes and apartment homes, a big consideration is the number of bedrooms a rental space offers and how big those bedrooms are in the unit.

It’s important to consider your bedroom needs at the forefront of your rental property search. The Memphis rental market is competitive, like most across the country.

Finding Memphis apartments for rent that meet your needs can be challenging, but it’s also an important consideration before committing to a lease agreement. You don’t want to select an apartment or sign a lease only to quickly realize this is not the right apartment for your needs.

So, what should you consider if you’re in the rental market? How do you decide an apartment is right for you? Most importantly, what should you consider with bedrooms when you’re ready to rent?

Read on to learn more about Memphis rental properties and bedroom sizes as you consider your next rental.

Consider Your Needs

Before you begin your apartment search, consider your unique needs carefully. You certainly don’t want to start your search without carefully considering your priorities.

While the Memphis rental market may offer options, the way to narrow those options down is to fully understand your own priorities when looking.

Most people approach looking for a rental with a budget in mind. They might also have some ideas about how they want an apartment to look.

Other important considerations beyond budget and apartment size might include:

As you tackle the task of searching for a suitable apartment for you, of course, consider budget and bedrooms. But also consider other factors that may impact whether a particular apartment is right for you.

Number of Bedrooms

Most apartments range in size from a studio to three bedrooms. (More on this later).

On the surface, you might consider how many people will live in an apartment.

For example, you might think there are two people who need to live in a particular apartment, and they are a couple. They might technically only need one bedroom, which they would share.

However, what if one or both spend some time working remotely? They might need an additional bedroom to act as a workspace for privacy.

If a renter has children, then their ages might be a factor. For example, young children can most likely share a bedroom. Yet, an infant who regularly wakes at night might need their own space to avoid waking other children.

Likewise, as children get older, they might have a greater need for their own space to create individual autonomy.

So, while many people start their apartment search by counting the people who will live there, it’s important to go deeper and consider the space needs of each person.

Furniture Size

Not many renters start with zero belongings. How you and your furniture fit into an apartment should be a consideration.

Moving can be costly. You often need the first month’s rent and a security deposit, often equal to the last month’s rent. Most renters also can afford to swap out furniture, so it fits in their new apartment.

Consider the furniture you own if you’re entering a new lease agreement. You might get an extra bedroom, yet they’re so small they can hold your dressers. More on bedroom size shortly.

Consider if your existing furniture will fit into a space. Is there a way to arrange the furniture to work in the space? Take the extra time necessary and measure rooms. This will help you avoid additional costs as you move into a new space.

Budget Considerations

Many people start their apartment search with budget considerations. You need to pay your rent, so, of course, the cost is a factor.

Often the cost of an apartment is impacted by many factors, including:

  • Apartment locations, including the city and proximity to other places and points of interest
  • Size
  • Apartment conditions, including age
  • Amenities

One of the biggest factors related to the cost of an apartment is related to the number of bedrooms. As you consider finding the right apartment for your needs, knowing how many bedrooms you need will be directly connected to rent cost.

A studio apartment will be smaller and cost less than a one-bedroom or two-bedroom in most cities and scenarios.


For some renters, the amenities of a property are an important consideration. Depending on your needs and budget, getting the correct number of bedrooms might be the highest priority.

Some rentals might offer bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms as an option. They might feature walk-in closets as a part of the bedroom area. If you hope to have an additional bedroom for extra space, a large walk-in closet or two might get you the space you need without paying for the additional bedroom.

Beyond bedrooms, you might consider what amenities are important in other parts of the apartment. Is having an in-unit washer and dryer important? You might not even be willing to consider a rental without a dishwasher.

If you’re renting in the city, you might consider your options for parking and what’s nearby for walking.

Some high-end rentals might feature recreational amenities like pools and exercise areas too.

Privacy Considerations

If you have a roommate or children, the privacy features of an apartment, especially bedrooms, are important to consider.

Most adults with roommates will want their own bedroom space and often their own bathroom space, too.

There’s nothing wrong with kids sharing a bedroom. Many adults would say the time they spent sharing a room with a sibling shaped their relationship with that person for many years.

Having said that, there are some things to consider when deciding if children should share a bedroom or if they need their own. These include:

  • Age, as they get older, they may want their own space
  • Gender
  • Sleep habits

All kids are different. You know as a parent how well your kids will do in a shared bedroom situation.

Square Footage Needs

The square footage of an apartment is also an important consideration, both for bedroom size and overall. Most people have difficulty picturing an apartment’s size just based on a square footage number.

You will find that square footage varies greatly from apartment to apartment. You might look at a one-bedroom apartment in a complex and find it’s much smaller than a one-bedroom unit that’s part of a smaller building.

Once you consider how many bedrooms you think you need and your budget, then you also need to consider how much space you need. How much stuff do you have? What are the storage options available in the unit?

Number of People or Roommates

As you consider committing to a rental unit, it’s important to think about the future and who will be living in the space.

You may be renting the apartment and plan to live alone. Is that your long-term plan? If you’re in a relationship, will you eventually need enough space for the other person to move in with you?

Are you likely to decide you don’t like living alone or can’t realistically afford it long-term? If you anticipate adding a roommate in the future, it’s important to consider that when deciding on bedroom and square footage needs.

For families, consider whether you plan to have kids shortly.

Rental Timeline

For some people, the housing market is too costly ever to consider the possibility of buying their own home. They know they’ll be renting long-term.

If you hope to buy a home in the near future, that should be a consideration when you’re selecting your rental. Maybe you’d like a two-bedroom unit. But it might make more sense to downsize and use the extra money towards planning to buy a home.

You may also want to consider your rental timeline when committing to a lease. Short-term leases might give you flexibility, yet, you’re likely to pay a higher rent price to get them.

Bedroom Size Considerations

As you consider Memphis real estate apartment options, let’s now take a look at what you should expect in bedroom sizes.

Of course, apartments will vary from building to building. In high-population urban areas, bedrooms are often tiny. Some landlords have been known to create bedrooms from the smallest space.

There’s some discussion about looking to standardize what amount of space can be called a bedroom. Generally speaking, a bedroom should be at least 70 square feet to have it be a livable bedroom space.

Another guideline suggests that you plan to have at least 50 square feet of bedroom space per person living in that space.

Apartment Size

Often the most significant factor in the size of an apartment is the number of bedrooms it includes. Of course, you already know bedroom size can vary greatly. Let’s take a closer look at what to expect from various apartment bedroom options.

Studio Apartment

Studio apartments are created as one open space. Often they range from around 350 square feet to 600 square feet.

A studio apartment is intended to have all living done in one area. So, often there’s enough space for a bed and a small living area. The living area might give you just enough space for a small sofa and TV.

Studio apartments will have an open kitchen area and a bathroom, almost always a separate room.

The best studio apartments accommodate their single-room status with good closet space for additional storage. If you find a good studio, it may have a walk-in closet that allows you to include a dresser inside it for additional storage.

Most studio apartments are intended for one person living alone.

One Bedroom Apartment

One-bedroom apartments are often the most popular and most available option for those who are apartment searching. Generally, they typically range in size from 550 to 1,000 square feet.

This size apartment can work for a person living alone or a couple living together.

Depending on the size of the bedroom and other living areas, most people can use the bedroom for private space. They can use the living areas for entertaining and even create at-home workspaces for those who work remotely.

Since one-bedroom apartments can range so greatly in size, be sure to consider the storage options within a unit.

Two Bedroom Apartment

Two-bedroom apartments are also a very popular option in the rental market. Most will be around 1,000 square feet and up, generally speaking.

Some couples find having the extra bedroom gives them the extra space they need for belongings, hobbies, or to create an at-home office space.

For those who plan to rent with a roommate, a two-bedroom unit gives both parties their own private bedroom space.

Renters with kids often seek an extra bedroom for them.

Three Bedroom Apartment

Three-bedroom apartments are a little less common, especially in apartment complex living. They generally have at least 1,200 or more square feet of living space.

If you’re looking for a three-bedroom apartment because you have several roommates or kids, you might have more luck looking for a townhome, duplex, or four-plex type of apartment unit.

Find the Best Memphis Apartments for Rent

There are many factors to consider when looking for Memphis apartments for rent. Knowing the number of bedrooms you need is an excellent way to start your search.

If you’re in the rental market and need help finding an apartment in the greater Memphis area, we can help. Contact us today to get more information on available units in the area.