Mississippi Will Welcome Googles First U.S. Operations Center

With Google’s presence obvious in every American home, it may come as a surprise that none of its operations centers are located in the United States. This will change in 2020.  

Right before the Christmas holidays, Google announced its plans for the first U.S.-based operations center. Even though the exact location hasn’t been disclosed, the facility is expected to appear in northwestern Mississippi in late 2020.

Google’s first operations center opened in the Philippines in 2018. Instead of using third-party support as it did before, the tech giant decided to give users an opportunity to interact with Google employees.

The Philippines operation center started supporting users and customers in the U.S, UK, New Zealand, Australia, and the Philippines. Surprisingly, before 2018, Google didn’t consider itself a large enough company to build its own customer support center.

To start on the right foot, the giant followed the example of JPMorgan Chase & Co, which put its Global Service Center in the Philippines back in 2005.

Google’s operation specialists deal with a variety of support matters, from advertising assistance and payment problems (Google Wallet and Google Pay) to different product troubleshooting issues.  

By the end of 2020, the company expects to create more than 4,800 customer support jobs. At least 350 of them will be available in northwestern Mississippi.

We are excited to continue growing our workforce across the Southeast and are confident that Mississippi will be a great home for Google,” says Troy Dickerson, vice president of Google’s operations center division.

A new U.S. – based operations center can provide new support opportunities for Google users in the United States. Considering the company’s plans for new customer support jobs, opening the operations facility Mississippi is just the first step toward maximizing its service efforts in the U.S.A. and beyond.

Today, Google has operations centers in the Philippines and India. They employ around 1,000 people.

New Opportunities for Mississippi Residents 

Even though the exact location of the new operations center is currently unknown, rumor has it that it will open in the Memphis metro area. Hundreds of people will get an exciting opportunity to work for Google.

 “This operations center will give us the opportunity to hire amazing local talent as we expand in the region.” – says Dickerson.

Google employees receive a wide variety of impressive benefits, including three weeks of paid vacations and up to 22 weeks of parental leave, excellent life and disability insurance, and much more. Such rewards as paid meals, culture clubs, games rooms, and employee resource groups, which Google is so famous for, are likely to be part of the package.

As Google enters the northwestern Mississippi areas, it doesn’t just create new job openings. Many other companies are likely to follow suit and bring their business to Memphis, thus providing even more job opportunities and boosting the city’s popularity.

Many local businesses are likely to benefit from the opening of a new Google facility. Servicing employees, providing housing, and offering entertainment is just part of the package. As a new location for Google’s operations center, the Memphis metro area could attract new investments and increase its touristic value.  

The decision to bring the new facility to Mississippi was based on the number of local talent and the success of other giants such as FedEx and Amazon. Google is planning to contribute to the growing economy of the state while taking advantage of the existing benefits.

Making a Smart Investment 

With all the new opportunities opening up for Memphis residents as the plans for the Google operations facility come to life, investing in local property warrants extra attention. For more information, please contact us today.