Some of the Best Memphis Neighborhoods

Memphis TN is one of the most unique and diverse cities in the southern region. Depending on where you find yourself in the city, the residents and area are often vastly different than its neighboring community. Some of the best neighborhoods in Memphis are currently thriving and are the hottest neighborhoods for investors.


Identified as the historic district of Memphis, the Cooper-Young neighborhood is by far the most influential with its roots in the city’s history and its eloquent designs that attract residents and visitors alike. This community is thriving by non-traditional and progressive residents.

The bar and restaurant scene is one that reflects its residents in casualty and diversity. The Alchemy Memphis is a restaurant that hosts Sunday brunch and a daily night menu that has a variety of tasty options. From truffle deviled eggs to a local beer draft, expect to find a menu and bar to reflect the neighborhood.

Harbor Town

Just past downtown on the northern end is a small but thriving Harbor Town neighborhood. This neighborhood is more structured towards family style homes and an elevated middle social class of residents.

Like Cooper-Young, the bar and restaurant scene in Harbor Town is reflective of its demographic, tucked away and providing options from delicious burgers to fine dining options. French and Hungarian cuisine is found in the local favorite, Paulette’s Restaurant. With a menu spanning breakfast to dinner and a wine list to accompany, this location is essential for those wanting a smooth drink in the Little Bar after work or wanting the best Harbor Town has to offer.


A community right outside of the hustle and bustle of Memphis, this neighborhood has developed its own suburban identity with its very own school system, large homes, and apartments. A middle-class neighborhood consisting of small and young families, Cordova has many similarities to suburbs across the nation.

One of those similarities is the influx of franchised restaurants found throughout Cordova. However, amidst the standard chains are several places that stand out in the neighborhood. Crazy Italians Restaurant, found in Cordova, offer authentic Italian cuisine for residents, including a kid’s menu. If you are seeking out drinks in this neighborhood, your local Chili’s or Bahama Breeze are two of the available options in this neighborhood.


One of the newer neighborhoods to emerge in Memphis, Crosstown is another progressive neighborhood that is driven by arts, culture, and education to cultivate this area into a more progressive neighborhood of Memphis.

Like the neighborhood, there has been a shift in the restaurant and bar scene in Crosstown. Many residents come to the Midtown Crossing Grill for the best pizza in Memphis, as well as embrace the local arts and comedy by viewing these events held at the Grill. While alcohol is not available on their menu, the Art Bar has a full bar for residents who want to engage in a social setting and enjoy drinks crafted from local Memphis ingredients.


One of the oldest but most popular neighborhoods in Memphis is Midtown, where the community of punk and funk meet hippies and political progressives for a diverse but completely fun atmosphere for residents. Many of those relocating to the Memphis area seek out Midtown because of the cultural diversity found in this neighborhood.

Like the people, bars and restaurants span in variety, but you will not leave hungry or thirsty in this district. If you are seeking great food and drinks while in Midtown, check out the Local Memphis Midtown location, offering a menu and drinks reflective of Memphis. This is a casual dining experience for locals and tourists to embrace the atmosphere of Midtown. For those seeking something a bit more casual and later into the night. Printer’s Alley Bar & Grill has a menu as diverse as the community and open as long as you are out. Enjoy your late night meal with a beer of your choosing, either domestic or import.

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