property management service

Why Should You Work With a Property Management Company?

Rent for one and two-bedroom apartments rose by 7 to 9.7 percent in July 2021. The rental market is heating up!…

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tenant background checks

Everything You Need to Know About Tenant Background Checks

As a landlord, not every tenant is suitable to rent your property. Of course, you don’t want frustrations, stress, and…

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Tennessee property

Know Your Tennessee Property Management Laws

The median housing price for homes in the U.S. is around $363,300, this is the highest since January 1999. The…

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What to expect

What to Expect From a Dependable Property Management Company

Whether you’re a new property owner or you’ve spent years working as a landlord, you’re in good company if you’re…

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Top secrets

How To Become a Successful Landlord: Top Secrets and Tips

Are you thinking of investing in real estate property? Rental property is a lifetime investment offering residual income and long-term…

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property management

A Beginner’s Guide to Property Management

There are currently more than 20 million rental properties available throughout the United States. Do you own rental properties, or…

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property management

7 Benefits of Hiring a Property Management Company

Did you know that Memphis had the largest increase in renters in the US between 2006 and 2016? We’re still…

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property rehab

Property Rehab: A Lucrative Opportunity for Real Estate Investors

Did you know that you can begin your real estate investment journey with a 5% down payment on investment properties…

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Property Management

How to Find the Right Property Management Firm

24 percent of people who do not have property management were searching for a company, as of 2016. While hiring…

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property managers

Property Managers: 7 Reasons Why You Should Hire One

If you’re a landlord, you’re probably pretty busy. You might have a full-time job or a business to run, and…

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