become a landlord

Own That Property! 6 Reasons Why You Should Become a Landlord

Real estate has been a popular investment for a long time, and for good reason! In fact, there are over…

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How to Vet Your Tenants

Did you know that around 6% of rental properties are unoccupied? That might not seem like much, but that’s a…

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finding a tenant

Finding a Tenant: 8 Questions That Every Landlord Should Ask Renters

The coronavirus pandemic hardly left any sector of the economy untouched, and the housing market is no exception. With soaring…

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increasing your rentals

3 Tips for Increasing Your Rentals

Are you a property owner who is struggling to find tenants and doesn’t understand why? Do you feel like you…

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rental agreements

6 Things to Include in Your Rental Agreements

The percentage of Americans who are renting their home or apartment has reached the highest rate in 50 years. As…

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Why Proof of Income is so Important for Landlords

No landlord wants to lease to a problem tenant. For that reason, most landlords conduct a thorough screening process to…

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Understanding Tax Deductions for Rental Property Owners

When you own investment real estate, tax deduction management is a big part of your profit-generating strategy. However, not all…

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Out of State Real Estate Investing: It’s nothing to be scared of!

Investing in real estate can seem like a daunting task. Even for those who have already made a few investments,…

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What Makes a Great Rental Market for Investment

Rental markets in real estate are virtually everywhere. Because of this, there are investment opportunities everywhere you look. Before you…

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5 Things You Need to Know About Renter’s Insurance

Signing the lease for your new home is an exciting and busy time. There’s packing, changing your contact information, and…

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