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Four Reasons To Hire A Property Manager

Most landlords usually have their hands full with various tasks such as collecting rent, ensuring that units are filled, keeping up with maintenance, etc. Wouldn’t you rather have someone else take care of all that and more?

Hiring a property management company to manage your rental properties is ideal as it’ll give you the opportunity to relax and enjoy your residual income.

There are many reasons why you should hire a property manager. Below are some of the tasks you’ll cease to bother about if you hire a property management company.

#1. Rent Collection

There’s always a tendency for things to get messy when it involves money exchanging hands.

As a landlord, your worst nightmare would be to try collecting money from an occupant who can’t pay you or just doesn’t want to pay.

This becomes the job of the property manager if you hire one. You no longer have to waste your precious time pursuing tenants to pay rent, the property manager handles it completely.

Say goodbye to all those uncomfortable/awkward telephone conversations and stress.

#2. Deal With Lease Breaches

Being on top of lease infractions by tenants can really be a full time job, particularly if you own several properties.

There’s a reason rules exist for your units, top of which is to ensure your assets are protected and maintained in the best possible condition. But, you may not have the time to ensure that tenants are complying with these rules.

A property manager is equipped to handle this and will ensure your properties continue to be in superb condition. Also, it reduces the risk of possible liability.

#3. Maintenance Calls at Inconvenient Times

I’m sure most landlords can relate with this. Those middle of the night phone calls can be bothersome; they are never good news. It’s usually about an urgent problem that needs your attention immediately.

But, if you had a property manager, then they’ll be the ones on the receiving end of those phone calls, not you. A property manager will handle all calls and issues relating to your property.

#4. Keeping Units Occupied

Irrespective of the number of units owned, not having high occupancy translates to some huge income loss for you as the owner. Hiring a property manager gives you an upper hand because they’ll ensure your units are always occupied.

Anytime an occupant vacates a unit, chances are that some work needs to be done before opening it up again for rent. If you have a property management company, they usually come with their in-house team who fix up the place so you can continue to make money.

Property management companies also have the advantage as regards to finding a new occupant. They already have their own advertising networks to advertise your property, and they will take care of the screening of prospects as well as all the associated paperwork. You may choose to be involved in the process – or not, it’s your choice!

The United States has almost 3000 new renters daily, let your property manager help you find the ideal tenant.

Leave it to the professionals!

There are so many responsibilities involved with managing a property. Why not consider hiring a property management company like Reedy and Company to help relieve you of those duties so you can relax and enjoy your hard earned money?