CNN Rates Memphis as the #1 Place to Visit in May

CNN recently released a travel report on the most popular destinations during the month of May.

Memphis, Tennessee ranked #1!

For those of us that live here, that comes as no surprise at all. Some of us wait all year for May, and Memphis celebrates the entire month.

Let’s face it, Memphis winters can be pretty miserable. We don’t get enough snow to make it picturesque, and the temperatures fluctuate too much to stay inside and cozy. Instead what you get is a sort of gray, rainy, chilly mixture that can wear you down over a couple of months.

Then May arrives.

Almost like a switch is thrown, the weather warms up, the sun comes out and the trees explode with color. May in the city is an infusion of energy after the sleepy winter.

Memphis has long appreciated this change and celebrates it with the annual (and aptly named) “Memphis in May International Festival.” One entire month to celebrate Spring, the city and its culture, as well as cultures from around the world.

The festival includes internationally known events such as the Beale Street Music Festival, World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest (WCBCC), Dragon Boat Races, Marathons, and a host of other events.

The first Memphis in May festival was held in 1978 and chose Canada to honor in the festivities. The festival has honored a different country every year since. In 2018 the city will honor the Czech Republic.

The Beale Street Music Festival is a three-day music festival held during the first weekend of May in the city’s Tom Lee Park at the foot of Beale Street, it is considered to be the kick-off event of the entire Memphis in May International Festival celebration. It typically hosts over 100,000 people during the weekend.

The World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest, started in 1978 with 26 teams. It has now grown to be the largest pork barbecue competition in the world. More than 250 teams from all over the US and several countries compete. An estimated 100,000 people attend the competition along with media from around the world, including BBC and The Food Network.

If you are looking for a unique destination in May, or if you are looking for the best time to visit Memphis, Tennessee, then Memphis in May is the perfect intersection of time and place.

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