Reedy & Company Adds Bonus Amenity

Reedy and Company Realtors, LLC, an innovative and forward thinking property management company, is delighted to announce a new and valuable bonus amenity that they are providing to tenants. Tenants, whose homes have an HVAC system, will now benefit from custom-fit HVAC filters delivered approximately every 60 days, with the cost built into their monthly rent. As well as ensuring that their HVAC system is working to maximum capacity, residents on average will also benefit from an estimated 5 to 15% decrease in heating and cooling bills. In addition, they will also be living in a much cleaner and healthier environment.

Reedy and Company Realtors, LLC take great pride in the levels of service they provide to their tenants and owners alike and felt that this new initiative was beneficial in many ways for all involved. It is this type of attention to detail and innovative thinking that sets Reedy and Company Realtors, LLC apart in a fiercely competitive field.

“It is not very often in the property management sector, that a new service is introduced that saves the tenant money, increases the air quality of their home, and gives investors peace-of-mind” said a spokesperson for Reedy and Company Realtors, LLC. “We are convinced that this new initiative is a win-win for everyone, the cost is built into the tenant’s monthly rent, is intended to save them money, allows the HVAC system to run more efficiently, and it makes the atmosphere healthier. We always like to go the extra step, but on this occasion, we feel like we have delivered huge added value for our investors and tenants alike.”

Reedy and Company Realtors, LLC manages rental properties owned by local and foreign investors, and offer more services to property investors than most in the industry; everything from in-house maintenance, leasing and collections to sales and acquisitions. When a client chooses Reedy and Company Realtors, LLC, they not only have a team of property managers working for them but a team of experts committed to balancing the needs of the tenants with the interests of the property owner. For more information about the company, and the services offered, visit website