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7 Factors to Consider Before Signing a Lease

signing a lease

Deciding to move into a new space can seem overwhelming. There are many aspects you must consider before seeing down roots. Of course, the big things are always thought about, the area in which you want to relocate, and the surroundings of that space, but what about the apartment lease? 

Too many renters forget the important detail when they look for a new location. Renters don’t always take into consideration that signing a lease is a big commitment. A lease is a binding contract that obligates you to years and specific commitments to one place. 

If you’re ready to put your name in ink and begin living that apartment life, consider these factors first. Read below for what you should think long and hard about first.

1. Status of Renter’s Insurance

When moving into a new apartment and signing a lease one of the most important things is to find out the policy on renter’s insurance. Some apartment owners will give you specific details on what to look for in rental insurance while others will allow you to sort it out on your own. 

Renters insurance is a great idea for all renters. Take into consideration, before signing your lease, how the building owners handle rental insurance. Make sure that you are comfortable with their stance on protecting your belongings and your dwelling. 

2. Is Subletting an Option?

Life may have a habit of throwing in curve balls when you least expect it. This includes making it so that you need to move out of your apartment before your lease is up. In the event that htis happens, and you can’t get out of that lease, for many renters subletting is a great alternative. 

When you have a landlord to take into consideration, you need to know what their policy on subletting is. If you have any indecation that you aren’t going to be able to continue your lease get the facts regarding subletting your apartment beforehand. 


3. Maintenance Rules

Are there specific rules on when maintenance is done within your apartment? Does the lease outline how much you’re able to change your apartment? These are things you’re going to want to look into before you make a long-term commitment. 

Read the lease thoroughly and see what the building maintenance covers and what would not be included. You don’t want to have fees on your hands that you expect to be covered by the building owners. 

Going right along with maintenance, look into the turnaround time that is proposed in the lease documents. Will you be able to expect a quick turnaround time on any fixes that may need to occur during your occupancy? 

4. Check the Guest Policy

Before committing to your new apartment life, you want to ensure your guests will be welcome. Some apartments have stringent rules on when guests are allowed to be over. To feel comfortable in your own home, you need a location that works best for you.

If you have any qualms regarding the guest policies the apartment you’re considering may not be the one for you. You have to know that you’re comfortable abiding by the guest policies for the duration of your lease. 

5. Who Has Access

While renting, it is important to know who you can expect to be in and out of the building. Prior to renting an apartment, find out what the building owner’s policy on who has the rights to enter their buildings. Do they know who is allowed in and out of the building? 

You may want to look for a building that has strict security and cameras in place. This will help you to feel safe when you leave your home and while you’re inside your apartment. Look into how well the landlords know who is coming and going from their buildings. 

What is their policy on spare keys and even maintenance workers who might be doing work on the building itself?

6. What Is the Renewal Policy?

One of the things to look into before signing your lease is to understand fully how long the lease is for and what it takes to renew it. While you’re only starting your occupancy, if you’re looking to stay for years, you might want to look into the requirements ahead of time. This will help you to plan out the goals for your future. 

What can you expect from how long the apartments stay occupied? When can you sign a new lease to extend your stay? Is there any reason why your occupancy wouldn’t be accepted? 

These are important questions to consider when looking at apartment options

7. Types of Customization Allowed

Going right along with maintenance, find out what types of customization are allowed. Can you paint the walls if you make sure they’re white and pristine before moving out? How do they feel about pictures being hung? 

Are the guidelines in place for something that is going to allow you to make the apartment feel like home? To be comfortable inside of the building and with your lease you need to be able to live with what the owners set in place for your home. 

Your comfort should be your first consideration before you sign a lease. 

Take Your Time Before Signing a Lease

Before you embark on apartment life, going over the key aspects of the lease before signing a lease is always a great idea. You want to be comfortable in the space you’re going to be living in. When renting an apartment be sure it fills all aspects that you’re looking for. 

Ready to discuss your moving options and find out more information about what goes into finding the right location for you? Let us know how we can help you find the right space for you.