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Four Reasons to Rent a Home in Memphis

Nestled against the mighty Mississippi River in the southwest section of Tennessee is the charming city of Memphis. Here you can live a cultured life without spending every cent that you earn on rent. If you’re looking for good reasons to rent a home in Memphis, they are numerous.

  1. Affordable Cost of Living
    Forbes magazine recently revealed its list of the most livable American cities with low costs of living. Not surprisingly, Memphis came in at #2 right behind Buffalo, New York. From the price of rental housing to utility rates, to the cost of treating yourself to a night out, you get more in Memphis for your hard-earned dollars. According to Choose901, the city of Memphis boasts a remarkable 91.8 on the national cost of living index.
  2. Friendly to Startups
    When WalletHub pulled together recent facts, the respected financial adviser touted ‘the Home of the Blues’ at #7 for entrepreneurial endeavors. WalletHub ranked American cities based on more than a dozen unique metrics, including local cost of living, access to financing, price of office space and five-year survival rate. The list of startups popping up in Memphis is growing every year!
  3. Memphis Appreciates the Arts
    If culture matters to you, you’ll find plenty to love about living in Memphis. In fact, music and art are the things that shaped Memphis into the oh-so interesting city it is today. Here one finds the venerable landmark, Sun Studio, where Sam Phillips first recorded Elvis Presley. The city that brought rock ‘n’ roll to the world also hosts numerous musical events as well as an annual film festival that draws visitors from around the globe. For those who reside in Memphis, it’s never far to go for art and musical entertainment. And, if you’re a budding artist, you can live here and not starve, says Bustle magazine.
  4. Very Livable Neighborhoods
    In Memphis you can rent a downtown riverview condo or dwell in a vertical urban village within easy walking or biking distance of your office. Families who prefer big backyards and the relaxed suburban lifestyle find numerous neighborhoods to suit their vision, too.

Midtown Memphis

Hip to the core, the heart of the city is funky, artistic and diverse. Here, antebellum columned homes with wrap around porches share blocks with affordable apartment buildings. Take a walk through Midtown and you’re sure to encounter a lively assortment of people living many different ways. Mid-towners may come off a bit pretentious to some, but that’s only because they’re so passionate about their neighborhood, explains Thrillist.

Overton Square delivers a quirky collection of ethnic restaurants, upscale nightclubs and dive bars. Lafayette’s serves up live music, and the ‘crust punk’ crowd frequents the LampLighter. Known to locals as the crown jewel of Midtown, Overton Park provides a golf course, a lake, an amphitheater and a spacious dog park.

Colonial Acres

Music and nightlife are great, but many people prefer to live a bit farther from the beating heart of downtown Memphis. Colonial Acres boasts a populace of around 4,500 people with a median age of around 45 years.

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