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How a Vacation Rental Manager Supports Memphis Landlords

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Owning a vacation rental property in Memphis can provide an excellent extra income stream, thanks to the 11 million tourists who visit the city annually.

Travelers flock here to check some of the country’s best-known music-related sites off their bucket lists, immerse themselves in the bustling art scene, and indulge in classic American comfort food.

The best part is that you can profit from investing in the thriving Memphis tourist industry, even if you don’t live nearby. A vacation rental manager will take care of everything for you.

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Vacation Rental Managers are Marketing Pros

Vacation rental managers have years of experience marketing properties both online and in person. They know all the best channels for showcasing your rental property and how to create appealing listings for each of these platforms.

Setting up an effective listing that stands out online involves skills like:

Appropriate Pricing

When setting nightly rates for your property, your vacation property manager will research comparable rental homes in your Memphis neighborhood. That’s not where it ends, though.

Seasonal fluctuations demand flexible pricing to encourage bookings during times of low demand. An experienced vacation property manager knows which pricing strategies work best during slow times.

Impactful Images

Images play a huge role in how vacationers perceive your property. Don’t let blurry, dull images let your property down.

You must hire a professional photographer to ensure your vacation property can compete with all the others listed online. Clear, well-lit images highlight your property’s best assets to attract the attention of online browsers.

A professional photographer also pays attention to the finer details. They will stage each room appropriately and use editing tools to create an irresistible representation of your short-term rental property.

Compelling Copywriting

A picture may speak a thousand words, but it can’t provoke the imagination as well as good copy does. Hiring a professional copywriter is one way to convince potential guests that your vacation property is perfect for them.

Your property description should highlight the best features of your accommodation while downplaying any negatives. It should help the reader imagine how wonderful it would be to spend their time in your rental home.

SEO is another important aspect related to copywriting. Your property marketing team knows all the tricks necessary to help potential guests find your rental home online.

They will list your vacation property on multiple sites for maximum exposure.

When you grow your digital footprint in this way, you’re in a better position to benefit from the rapid growth of online bookings both now and in the future.

A Property Manager Preserves the Value of Your Investment

Property appreciation is the holy grail of real estate investments. Neglect can quickly erode the value and appeal of your short-term rental property.

Vacation rental homes don’t have people living in them all the time. While this can limit wear and tear, it also means there’s no one around to keep an eye on things.

Vacation rental managers check up on your property regularly to look for any maintenance issues and attend to them. They will arrange for routine maintenance during vacant spells, so your home is always ready for the next arrival.

Thanks to their longstanding relationships with local contractors, you’re assured of the best service and prices when it comes to preventive maintenance.

A Vacation Rental Manager Takes Care of Your Guests

Great customer service is what separates a great vacation from a mediocre one. A vacation rental manager caters to your guests’ needs and requests during their stay.

Their attentive, friendly service helps secure repeat business from satisfied customers and limits complaints. They’re well-versed in guest preferences and have the experience to manage any complaints tactfully and effectively.

With your property manager’s guidance, you can include a few appealing extras for your guests. For instance, a basket of complimentary snacks or toiletries goes a long way toward promoting guest satisfaction. 

Rental Managers Orchestrate Smooth Turnovers

Managing guest bookings is a full-time job on its own. Short-term rental managers have the necessary software to streamline this aspect of property rentals to save time and ensure efficient service for your guests.

When arrival day dawns, they’re ready to welcome your guests. They will hand over the keys and perform a quick inventory check to ensure everything is in order.

They can answer any questions related to the property and local attractions to ensure your guests have a hassle-free stay.

Every vacation rental property requires deep cleaning when one guest leaves and before the next one checks in. Property managers have contracts with reliable teams of cleaners on hand to carry out this vital task.

These teams of cleaners have sufficient personnel and specialized equipment to ensure your rental home is spic-and-span well before the next vacationers arrive for their break.

Your Vacation Property Manager is Always on Call

Stuff happens to vacation rental properties. Appliances malfunction, leaks start, and the weather can wreak havoc on buildings.

None of these instances are likely to occur when you’re around, especially if you live far away. A vacation property manager is always there to manage distress calls from your guests at any time of day or night.

They can address emergency repairs quickly thanks to their network of local contractors. This ensures your guests experience minimal inconvenience and prevents further damage to your property.

Without someone to attend to urgent matters, you’ll end up with miserable customers, bad reviews, and unnecessary property damage.

Hire the Best Vacation Property Management Team in Memphis

With over two decades of experience under our belts, Reedy and Company is your top choice when it comes to selecting a vacation rental manager. We manage over 3,500 properties owned by investors living all over the world.

Thanks to the sheer size of our operations, we’re equipped with an extensive range of specialized skills and in-depth local knowledge. If you need advice about managing your investment properties, we should be your first port of call.

Do you need assistance with your Memphis short-term rental property? We’re happy to help you maximize your profits with our exceptional property management skills. Reach out for expert service today.