Memphis’ Historical Tri State Ironwork Building Renovations

Memphis is a city full of history. Its beloved residents and visitors probably understand better than most. However, with changing times, Memphis has begun to take steps in order to preserve and revamp some of the city’s most historical landmarks. Though some people may be hesitant of change, the details behind the renovation plans seem both exciting and smart.  History is everywhere, even in the architecture, see how Memphis is finding ways to bring it back to life.

The History Behind the Tri State Ironworks

Memphis’ residents and visitors may be shocked to learn just how long ago the historical Tri State Ironworks building came to be. The famous spot that has become a staple of the city was built all the way back in 1883. With such rich history, it is no surprise that the structure has served as a home-base for several companies over the past few decades. Globe Oil and Fertilizer Company, a cotton seed oil press operation, were the first to officially occupy the Tri State Ironworks building. Memphis Ginning and Cotton Huller Company were the brands and faces to follow suit. Finally, Tri State Ironworks became the owners of the building. At the time, Tri State Ironworks made the purchase for iron working and other areas related to the industry. On April 17, 1997, the building was added to the National Register. However, more recently, people have been discussing the future of the historical establishment. Take a closer look at everything the residents of Memphis know about the upcoming plans.

The Redevelopment Plan for the Tri State Ironworks Building

Earlier this month the news broke that a 3.2 million dollar permit was granted in order to turn the Tri State Ironworks Building into an event center. The announcement may have not come at a surprise considering the popular building is so close to the $200 billion dollar development plan the Snuff Company Historic District has begun. Fleming Architects put together a gallery that interested individuals can check out to get a preview of the plans. Wolf River Harbor Holdings, LLC is the company leading the innovative and ambitious projects. Billy Orgel, Tom Marsh, Jay Lindy and Adam Slovis are the professionals who are dedicated to seeing this vision through. Find out what they have shared about their plans for the Tri State Ironworks Building.

What Changes Can Memphis’ Residents Expect to See at the Tri-State Ironworks?

The Tri State Ironworks building is well-known for its “Late Nineteenth-Century Commercial block design”, and residents of Memphis may be wondering what these upcoming renovations mean for the building and the city. It was already announced that the historical building would be used for events. Wedding receptions, business meetings, and bar mitzvahs are just a few of the proposed ideas for the future venue. Restoring the building’s wood frame and masonry are just the start of the renovations. The plan also includes steps to add an entrance on Keel Avenue and create an outdoor space that could be utilized. In addition, the addition of a catering creation will support the success and vision of the building taking on events.

The historical building that can be found at 61 Keel Avenue might have a few different alterations, but it seems like, ultimately, the renovations will keep the integrity and character of the building and its history intact. The construction of the building and its intricate details will undergo maintenance and changes that will ensure the Tri State Ironworks building will continue to be an important part of Memphis’ culture and history. Stay tuned for more updates and to see when these renovations will begin. Contact us today to learn more about all the exciting properties in Memphis.