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Plenty of Space: The Search for 4 Bedroom Houses for Rent

4 bedroom houses for rent

Your teens are arguing in their shared bedroom. And you’re running late for work again while waiting patiently for everyone else to use the shower.

If this is your family scenario, it might be time to upgrade your home to cater to your growing family.

To help you do that, we’ve put together this short guide on how to find 4-bedroom houses for rent. Read on to learn more about finding the perfect spacious family home.

List Your Priorities

Before searching for a 4-bed home, you should list your priorities. That will help you filter your search and quickly rule out rentals unsuitable for your needs. 

Start with a look at your lifestyle. For example, do you work from home? If so, you may prefer a small room as an office rather than an open-plan living space.

In contrast, perhaps family gatherings are important to you, and you love the idea of a big kitchen and dining space. Everyone has different needs, so it’s essential to understand what will be most helpful in your everyday life. 

There are also the more practical elements to consider. If you have a dog, you may prefer a backyard. If you have a car, you’ll need parking near the property.

Once you’ve listed your needs, try to put them in order of priority. No property will be perfect, but outlining your priorities will help you get the one that best fits your requirements.

Set a Budget

Setting a budget for your monthly payment from the start will help keep your property shortlist realistic. It’s often tempting to view pricey but glamorous properties in the hope you can stretch your funds to match.

However, you don’t want to face living in a property that’s so expensive that you have to forgo critical monthly expenses.

Start by listing all your regular expenses each month. Remember to add debt costs, like credit card repayments or car loans. Add to that a budget for your luxuries.

Reviewing what you’ve spent over the past 12 months is often a good idea, as many of us underestimate our monthly spending habits.

Once you have that, set aside a realistic budget for your four-bedroom property. It’s a good idea to check average prices in your area for this sized property to check if your plan for a four-bed rental home is affordable.

Selecting a Location

You’ll need a shortlist of locations to narrow your search for the perfect four-bed rental.

First, consider your commute. If you take public transport, map routes and the journey length. That will give you an idea of the maximum distance you can live from a train or bus stop.

Think about your family’s needs, too.

If your children are at school, you want to be a reasonable distance from their educational site. If they are moving to a new school, you’ll want to research the best ones in the area and focus your search there.

Look at other amenities to make your life more convenient and enjoyable. Doctors, grocery stores, and fitness centers are often high on the list for tenants.

If you love the outdoors, you might also want to be near a park or nature reserve.

Think about popular neighborhoods, too. Trending neighborhoods can often signify places that are up and coming.

That could mean new shops, bars, and restaurants in the future, making it a more exciting and friendly neighborhood

Use Online Search Tools

Nowadays, it’s easy to begin a property search from the comfort of your couch. An online search is a great way to get a feel for the size and condition of four-bedroom rental properties in your budget.

When using online property searches, focus on specific areas to help narrow your listings. Otherwise, you could find yourself browsing hundreds or even thousands of properties.

Most modern websites, like ours at Reedy and Company, have different ways you can filter your search. For example, we offer a map-based search so you can narrow the area of focus.

When searching online, you filter those that meet your most important criteria, like the bathroom count. Otherwise, you could waste time looking at properties that don’t have something essential to you, like parking.

Arrange a Visit to Each Property On Your Shortlist

When you’ve searched online, it’s time to book visits to your shortlist of properties.

While technology like virtual tours can be helpful nowadays, you must see houses in person. It gives you a better feel for the size and layout and helps you spot any concerns or issues like potential repairs.

When you visit, walk through the property once to get a feel for the home and its best features. After that, do a second tour of the house to look at finer details, like condition, cleanliness, and appliances.

Make sure you consider storage space.

Homes are often staged with minimal clutter to help them appear more spacious. But most people have lots of belongings and need plenty of space.

Check the Rental Agreement

If you have found a 4-bed home that fits your criteria, there are a few more steps before you can finalize things.

First, check the rental agreement. Look at the length of the lease and specific rules.

For example, some properties may not allow pets. Check fees for late payments or other penalties. And read through the agreement for information on who is in charge of maintenance.

Finally, take the time to negotiate with the landlord of the property management team before you sign the lease.

Make sure you are getting good value. If the property needs work, push to get some changes made before you move in. Use your strengths as a tenant in your negotiation tactics.

For example, if you have an excellent credit score, that will work in your favor.

4-Bedroom Houses for Rent

When you need more space for your family, it’s time for you to begin searching for a new property. Use these tips to help you create a shortlist of 4-bedroom houses for rent, and you’ll be one step closer to your perfect home. 

If you are searching in Memphis for your family home, start your search with us now. Reedy and Company has a vast range of family properties for rent, so your next home may be a few clicks away.