Reedy & Company Stands Out!

In today’s economy, there are a lot of people getting into real estate and property management. Many of these people get right back out when they aren’t instantly successful, or when they find out how much work and organization it actually takes to run a successful property management company.  Many of the companies that stay in business simply follow a formula for mediocrity that makes them all, more or less, the same.

In this real estate jungle, Reedy and Company stand out from the rest in many areas.

Firstly, Reedy and Company has been in business for nearly four decades. We are not a fly-by-night company and we are definitely not a trendy start up. We have built our experience and knowledge over year after year of taking care of tenants and owners alike. We have developed processes and implemented management procedures that have proven to work over a long time and many market changes.  Not only are we committed to our residents and owners, but our life long experience with the city of Memphis keeps us in tune with local businesses, neighborhoods, and markets.  There is simply no one that knows the investment property and rental business in Memphis TN better than Reedy and Company.

Secondly, we are a company that provides all the services needed by its owners under one roof.  Where a lot of management companies provide a simple concierge service, finding contractors and third-party companies to employ on behalf of the owner, Reedy and Company takes responsibility for all of this on its own.

We have, under one roof:

  • A full-service leasing department that makes sure we keep all of our properties rented with quality tenants.
  • A large staff of licensed construction and maintenance personnel backed up by a staff of experienced dispatchers.
  • An onsite warehouse, so we are able to buy materials in bulk and at the best available prices to keep costs as low as possible
  • Accounting and legal services
  • A department completely dedicated to acquisitions, sales, and marketing so that we always have a ready inventory of the best properties in the business.

Thirdly, we have a full staff of more than 70 full time employees, all specialized in various areas to facilitate great property management.  This means that any concerns or issues are dealt with in a timely and effective manner.

Our staff might specialize in their particular area, but we foster an atmosphere of communication within our offices so that no one is working in isolation and everyone shares in the knowledge and responsibility of managing our properties.

From department to department, Reedy has developed workflows and procedures that take any property from a run-down new acquisition, through rehab, to marketing, leasing, and rent collection. All of the pieces work together.

Finally, we pride ourselves on fast and efficient communication, both with our owners and our tenants.  We have two entire departments dedicated to this.  We have a Tenant Liaison whose sole purpose is to be available to our tenants for addressing any issues or concerns they might have after move-in.  Likewise, our Client Services Department is focused on keeping the lines of communication open with our owners.

We know how frustrating it can be to try repeatedly to get information from a company or to have them address an issue, so we go to great lengths to make certain this is not part of the experience we offer at Reedy and Company.  We guarantee a response time of no more than 48 business hours and, depending on the workload at the time, it is often much faster than that.

As Reedy and Company grows, we are ensuring that our people and procedures scale as well.  We know that what works well at the moment may not be best way to move into a constantly changing market. We consistently explore new technologies and programs to set us apart from other companies but to keep us ahead of them.